Toto Fish Shop Batshon

Toto Fish Shop Batshon is an old fish shop founded in the late 1950s. The founder of the store wTawfiq Batshon, the late grandfather of Tony’s father. The store has worked for many years in the Herzliya and Tel Aviv area. The store is known for its close proximity and, of course, customers have visited even the distant regions. The name Batashon is the family name and is well known in Jaffa and outside of Jaffa in the world of fish and fishing. Before Grandfather Tawfiq Batshon died, he left the business to his children, who continued the tradition of fishing and selling fish. Over the years the business grew and each of the boys moved to his own store. Toto Batshon , the owner of the store in Herzliya, also continued to fish, and decided to open a fish shop in the style of the original and nostalgic shop in Jaffa. Toto is known for his understanding of the fish and decided to take the store one step further.

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